Location: ВПЦ "Київський університет"
Year: 2020
File: Вісник_Юридичні_науки_1_112_2020.pdf
Note: https:doi.org/10.17721/1728-2195/2020/1.112-11
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Bondareva M., Rabovska S.

Some Aspects of the Lawyer's Involvement in the Notarial Process5


Vasylieva-Shalamova Zh., Mamatiuk I.

Legislative Regulation and Practical Implementation of Summary Proceeding in Civil Litigation12


Dzera I.

The System of Civil Sanctions in the General Part of the Civil Code of Ukraine17


Korotenko T.

Court Fees Related to the Court Order for the Competent Authorities of Foreign States23


Kosilova O.

The Right to Human Dignity in the System of Constitutional Rights of Ukraine and Germany27


Kotendzhy E.

Ukrainian Revolution of XX-XXI Centuries: Historical and Legal Comparative Study32


Kravtsov S.

Executive Proceedings as the Final Stage of the Trial in Light of ECHR Practice

and Anti-Violation of Executive Proceedings Participants' Procedural Rights36


Rudkovskii A.

The Role of Prudential Supervision in the Field of Insurance Supervision in Ukraine43


Silvestri E.

Italy: No Country for Arbitrators?49


Sorokovyk I.

I. Danilovich as the First Dean of the Faculty of Law at Kyiv University51


Tsarova I., Yuzheka R.

Terms of Foreign Origin in the Criminal Code of Ukraine



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