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Year: 2020
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Akulov Yu.
Legal Regulation for the Restriction on Property Rights to Works in Ukraine

Dmytryk A., Ilyushyk O.

A Social Function in the System of State Functions

Kovalenko T.

The Adaptation of Ukrainian Legislation on Climate Changes to the Acquis Communautaire

of the European Union
Kopytsia M.

On the Issue of State Support and Public Administration in Agricultural Law of Ukraine 
Kornilova J.

The Structure of the State Economic Policy of Ukraine Implementation 

Kotsiuruba A.

Conciliation Procedures in Civil Proceedings in Ukraine 

Kravchenko M.
Human Dignity through the Prism of the German Legal Doctrine .

Kryzhevskyi A., Derii O.
Migration Policy in Medieval and Early Modern Ukraine (X – middle XVIII century):
Historical and Legal Aspects

Panchenko M.
The Advocate's Disciplinary Responsibility for Wrongful Cooperation with Law-enforcement Bodies 

Pleskach M.
The Correspondence of the Person's, Society's and the State's Important Interests through the Prism
of Administrative and Legal Insuring of Cyber Security 

Sakharuk I.
A Social Dialogue as the Basis for the Concept of Decent Work Implementation

Terekh O.
Alternative Ways to Resolve Labor Disputes: Practice of Ukraine and the EU

Shybko R.
The Legal Status of Producers of Raw Materials for Baby Food 

Iakubovych I.
Warehouse Storage of Grain Contract: its Concept and Specifics
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