The editorial ethics of the Bulletin

The editorial ethics of the Bulletin were founded on the current publishing principles of the world's leading publishing houses, as well as the recommendations of the Committee on Ethics of Scientific Publications (COPE).

We are open to cooperation with authors from all over the world. The editorial is responsible for the quality control process in accordance with the requirements and the authors’ guide (see more the Requirements for Manuscript Submission and the Authors’ Guidelines 

The reviewing of the manuscripts is made within the editorial team and reviewers partnership (see more Reviewers’ Guidelines ).  

The cooperation of the editor with the article’s author should be in agreement with the following conditions:

1) the author(s) guarantees their authorship of the manuscript, in part or in whole in case of the co-authorship; 

2) the author(s) also states that the manuscript, in part or in whole, has not been published previously, except as a conference paper or academic thesis;

3) the author(s) also proves the absence of the other works, in part or in whole, direct or paraphrasing, in submitted manuscript, without permission, credit or acknowledgment;

4) generally translation of the article is permitted by the editorial due to its scientific value and absence of similar publications within the specific area; 

5) the translated article, permitted to publication according to par. 4, should be accompanied by the reasonable note on the title page about the prior publication;

6) the final decision on the manuscript publication is made by the editorial team after the Transfer of the Author`s Rights Agreement has been signed by the author(s);

7) in case of any doubts concerning the authorship or research results, using in submitted manuscript, the editor will probably request the authors and their institutions to confirm that the research is genuine and original;

8) any suspicions or allegations of editorial ethical policy and/or current legislations’ violation should be justified in the view of the author`s fairness. Besides this, when necessary, essential investigation should be carried out by the editorial team members and all the necessary provisions should be provided;

9) if the duplicate publication is discovered in the course of the investigation, the first public version of the article will be determined as the “version of record” and the second one will be retracted according to the policies governing academic publication. 

Please, do not hesitate to contact our team, in particular, Responsible Editor, about any questions concerning submissions and publishing process.

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