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Видавництво: ВПЦ "Київський університет"
Рік: 2018
Файл: N_107_2018_Pavroz.pdf
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Присвячено розкриттю прав церкви в Україні як основоположного елемента її конституційно-правового статусу.

Проаналізовано права церкви, що закріплені у спеціальному законодавстві України та міжнародно-правових актів, що ратифіковані Україною з цього питання. Розкриваються існуючі недоліки та шляхи подолання їх у чинному законодавстві України.

Ключові слова: права церкви; конституційно-правовий статус церкви; свобода совісті та віросповідання; релігійні

обряди та церемонії; література та предмети релігійного призначення; добродійна та культурно-освітня діяльність.


T. Pavroz, PhD Student (applicant), National Academy of Internal Affairs, Kyiv, Ukraine



This article is devoted to the disclosure of the rights of the church in Ukraine as the fundamental element of its constitutional and legal status in Ukraine. The author states that this issue is regulated by the national legislation, which includes both normative legal acts of Ukraine and  international legal acts ratified by Ukraine. In addition, the rights of the church are enshrined in the statutes (regulations) of each church, which must comply with the current legislation.

The author analyzed the international regulatory legal acts in which the rights of the church are enshrined, and special attention is paid to a special legislative act of Ukraine – The Law of Ukraine "On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations" of April 23, 1991. After analyzing the rights of the church, which are enshrined in the special legislation of Ukraine on this issue, the author identified the existing shortcomings and ways to overcome them. In particular, it was proposed to amend the current legislation, in the form of specific amendments to articles relating to the rights of the church.

In conclusion, the author emphasizes that to date the church is endowed with a broad scope of rights, to define what is impossible in the framework of one special law. However, he also notes that by giving the church a certain amount of rights inherent only to it, the legislator must determine it completely in order to prevent a possible narrowing. It is further noted that this is also necessary for a clear understanding of their responsibilities both by the church and other subjects in relation to the church in order to prevent a possible violation of the law, since obligations derive from rights. With this in mind, the author insists on the need to determine them as much as possible in the legislation, give them clear wording and prevent them from a monotonous interpretation.

Keywords: church rights; the constitutional and legal status of the church; freedom of conscience and religion; religious ceremonies and ceremonies;

literature and religious objects; charity and cultural and educational activities.

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